MS and Ph.D. Program Application Deadlines

RUSIS@ OSU Information

Research for Undergraduates Summer Institute of Statistics
June 17th - August 23rd, 2019

Length of Program

This is a 10-week summer program. The goal is to prepare undergraduate
students for a graduate research career in the Statistical Sciences, especially those
students from underrepresented minority groups. RUSIS@OSU will be held at
Oregon State University, and students will have access to cutting-edge
computational facilities and state-of-the-art teaching classrooms.

Now taking applications: Summer, 2019 RUSIS@OSU

Previous Seminar Speaker: Dr. Andrew Bray, Assistant Professor of Statistics at Reed College.Differentially private hypothesis testing

Alumni Profile: Jeremy Groom, Ph.D. Ecology, MS Statistics, 2017

Javier Rojo appointed to editorial board, external review committee, and participated in NSF panel

Javier Rojo has been appointed to the editorial board of Involve, a mathematics journal. The appointment starts in March. He has also been appointed Chair of external review committee for the Stat Program at UT San Antonio. He also participated in an NSF panel in January.

Javier Rojo's appointment to the National Advisory Committee to SAMSI renewed

Javier Rojo's appointment to the National Advisory Committee to The Statistics and Applied Mathematics Institute (SAMSI) has been renewed for another 3 years (2018 - 2020).