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A vital tool for the modern information era

There's a reason statistics is consistently listed as one of the fastest-growing fields in the country today. At the intersection of mathematics, science and policy, statistics is needed more than ever to tackle problems in the 21st century.

Statistics M.S. and Ph.D.

As a graduate student in our program, you can tailor your degree to emphasize the research you are interested in — whether that is theory or application, engineering or computational biology. Our students all gain experience as statistical consultants who can inform solutions to environmental, medical or engineering problems.

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Online Data Analytics M.S. or Certificate (Ecampus)

Our cutting-edge programs in data analytics are designed for ambitious professionals who want to add more statistical or analytical skills to their repertoire and who are seeking advancement or a transition to a new functional area.

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Undergraduate statistics minor

Undergraduate students in any field can enhance their learning by adding a statistics minor to complement their primary discipline. We are confident that a minor in statistics will not only boost your resume but add depth to your future research projects.

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Graduate statistics minor

If you are pursuing a graduate degree in the natural or physical sciences, forestry, engineering, finance or social sciences, a minor in statistics will be a highly useful addition to your academic preparation. You will learn leading-edge statistical methods and computational data analysis, making you a stand-out contender for the career of your dreams.

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Statistics students find success