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Undergraduate Statistics Minor

Undergraduate Statistics Minor

We welcome undergraduate students interested in statistics to consider a statistics undergraduate minor or a mathematics degree with an option in statistics. Our minor exposes students to state-of-art statistical thinking and computational statistical methods along with giving a solid foundation in mathematical statistics.

Statistics undergraduate minor

  1. If you are considering graduate school, a minor is a great way to help you stand out among other applicants.
  2. Adding a statistics minor to your undergraduate degree prepares you to work in a quantitative environment, adding diversity to your academic background.
  3. A statistics minor offers the opportunity to build your skill set for a changing job market and help you communicate with professionals outside of your expertise.
  4. You may find statistics is an exciting career choice, and gain a strong foundation to pursue a graduate degree in Statistics or Data Analytics.

    Adding a statistics minor

    If you are considering adding a statistics minor to your undergraduate degree, feel free to stop by and discuss the curriculum and requirements.

    Connect with minor advisor Erin Howard

    Statistics minor outcomes and curriculum

    Learning outcomes

    1. Students will be able to understand basic theoretical and applied principles of statistics needed to enter the job force.
    2. Students will be able to communicate key statistical concepts to non-statisticians.
    3. Students will gain proficiency in using statistical software for data analysis.


    The Core requirements for undergraduate minor in Statistics are ST201 or ST314 or ST351, ST352, ST407, ST421 and ST422 for a minimum of 27 credits.

    Additional requirements for undergraduate minor in Statistics are a minimum of 10 credit of additional approved courses: BOT440, ECE461, ECON424, FOR321, H425, IE355, IE356, MTH464, MTH465, MTH467, PSY301, SOC315, ST411, ST412, ST413, ST415, ST431, ST439, ST441, ST443, and/or ST499.

    Statistics option for a B.S. in mathematics

    The statistics option offers mathematics majors an opportunity to concentrate their senior-level coursework in the area of statistics and probability after completing core junior and lower-division mathematics requirements. This degree option is designed to allow a focus on the study of the mathematical theory underlying statistics while simultaneously developing expertise in statistical applications. This option provides excellent preparation for graduate study in statistics.