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Pictures of the spring seminar speakers
Date Speaker From
Statistics Winter Term, 2019 Seminar Speakers

Presenting: Department of Statistics Winter term Seminar Speakers

  • Abel Rodriguez, Ph.D., Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz
  • Stephanie Hicks, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
  • Dajiang Liu, Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine
  • Ramon Durazo, Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago
  • Aluisio Pinheiro, Ph.D., University of Campinas
  • Eduardo Cotilla, Ph.D., Oregon State University
  • Frederick Campbell, Ph.D., Microsoft
  • Jane-Ling Wang, Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Research for Undergraduates Summer Institute of Statistics
June 17th - August 23rd, 2019

Length of Program

This is a 10-week summer program. The goal is to prepare undergraduate
students for a graduate research career in the Statistical Sciences, especially those
students from underrepresented minority groups. RUSIS@OSU will be held at
Oregon State University, and students will have access to cutting-edge
computational facilities and state-of-the-art teaching classrooms.