Bhattacharyya, Sharmodeep:

  • Statistics on graphs and networks
  • High-dimensional structured density estimation
  • Unsupervised learning especially clustering and manifold learning
  • Application of Statistics in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Statistical Genetics
  • Statistical Application in Neuroscience
  • Multiple hypothesis testing
  • Semiparametric and nonparametric statistical techniques and Time-series analysis


Di, Yanming:

  • Statistical Genetics/genomics
  • Disease Mapping (linkage and association studies)
  • RNA-Seq
  • Gene Expression and Regulation


Emerson, Sarah:

  • Nonparametric and Semi-parametric Methods
  • Biostatistics
  • Adaptive and Group Sequential Clinical Trials Methodology
  • Categorical Data Analysis; Multiple Hypothesis Testing
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • High-dimensional Data Analysis


Fuentes, Claudio:

  • Post-Selection Inference
  • Bayesian Methodology
  • Statistical Applications to Ecology


Gitelman, Alix:

  • Graphical Models
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Environmental Statistics


Jiang, Duo:

  • Statistical genetics/genomics. Biostatistics
  • Quasi-likelihood methods, mixed models, and inference on dependent samples
  • Association mapping. High-throughput sequencing. RNA-seq.


Jiang, Yuan:

  • Statistical Inference for Large-Scale Data
  • Nonparametric Genome-wide Association Tests
  • Rare Variant Analysis for Next-generation Sequence Data
  • Statistical Methods and Application in RNA-Seq Data
  • Incorporating Genetic Prior Information into Association Studies


Lesser, Virginia (Ginny):

  • Sampling
  • Survey Methodology
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Applied Statistics


Madsen, Lisa:

  • Dependent Discrete Data
  • Abundance and Occupancy Models
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Statistical Computing and Simulation
  • Environmental Statistics


McLaughlin, Katherine:

  • Sampling Methods
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Network Sampling
  • Respondent-Driven Sampling
  • Social Science Applications of Statistics


Molyneux, James

  • Spatial-temporal point processes
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Statistical computing
  • Statistics education


Mondal, Debashis:

  • Spatial statistics, matrix-free methods, Markov chain Monte Carlo, time series analysis
  • Applications in agriculture, astronomy, atmospheric sciences, geographical epidemiology and environmental sciences


Sharpton, Thomas:

  • Microbiome Ecology
  • Evolution
  • Function


Wickham, Charlotte:

  • Spatial Statistics
  • Statistical Computing and Graphics
  • Environmental Statistics


Xue, Lan:

  • Nonparametric Curve Estimation
  • Polynomial Spline Smoothing
  • Model Selection
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Clustered/longitudinal Data Analysis