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Visit and Apply to the Statistics Graduate Program

Thank you for your interest in the statistics graduate program at Oregon State!

Visit and Apply to the Statistics Graduate Program

Thank you for your interest in the statistics graduate program at Oregon State!

We accept applications by June 1 of each year for admission in the following fall term. We do not currently accept applicants for winter, spring or summer admission. Applicants desiring financial aid and a timely decision should complete the application by January 15. We are not able to accept any applications that are not complete by the June 1 deadline.

Please Note: This information is for the on-campus masters and Ph.D. programs only. Learn more about our online data analytics programs.

Applying for admission

Admission requirements, application instructions, and a link to the online application system are available from the Graduate Admissions page. Please follow the instructions carefully.

The Department of Statistics requires three letters of recommendation along with the university application form, transcripts, official GRE scores, CV, and a statement of objectives. Letters of recommendation should be submitted through the Graduate School's online system. All materials must be submitted directly to the Graduate School. Do not send materials to the Statistics Department.

Graduate application questions about gender identity and sexual orientation

The Graduate School's online application form includes questions about sexual orientation and gender identity. These are present because it's the easiest way for OSU to comply with Oregon SB 473, which requires public universities to allow students, faculty and staff to identify sexual orientation.

This information is not used to make admission decisions. You are not required to answer them, and omitting this information will not affect your application in any way. Similarly, if you do wish to answer them, your responses will have no bearing on admission decisions.

Choosing a program

If you will not have an M.S. or M.A. in Statistics before beginning our program, please apply to our M.S. program. If you are ultimately interested in a Ph.D., upon successful completion of the M.S. and approval of the faculty you may be advanced to Ph.D. study. Information about applying directly to the Ph.D. program is below.

Application checklist

All application materials must be received and processed by the Graduate School by the deadline. Begin the application several days before the deadline to allow for Graduate School processing time. It is the applicant's responsibility to log onto the online application system and check that the materials are visible. Please note that after the application is submitted, you will receive an email from the Graduate School with instructions for logging onto the system and uploading documents such as the CV.

A complete application consists of the following items:

  • Application fee
  • Application form
  • Statement of objectives (goals, intent)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Transcripts (unofficial accepted for application; Graduate school will require official transcripts if and when application accepted)
  • Three letters of recommendation (use on-line system)
  • Official GRE scores (general test--no subject tests required)

For international students

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information on admissions, degree requirements, application reviews, financial aid, and other procedures?

Applying for a concurrent degree in statistics

Students enrolled in other graduate degree programs at OSU may apply to do a concurrent M.S. degree in Statistics.

Applying directly to the Ph.D. program

Please note: This information applies to Ph.D. applicants who are not current Oregon State University statistics students. Students enrolled in OSU's M.S. program in statistics who wish to apply for the Ph.D. program should refer to Section C.6 of their Graduate Student Guidebook for guidance. We accept applications for fall term only!

The Ph.D. in statistics is a rigorous, but rewarding program that is intended for students who already have a master's-level background in statistics. A master's degree in mathematics is not sufficient preparation for the statistics Ph.D. program!

We accept only the top applicants to the Ph.D. program. The evaluation criteria include all application materials. We also determine whether one or more of our faculty would be a suitable Ph.D. research advisor. You have an opportunity to state potential mentors during the application process. Please use this opportunity to list any faculty members you are interested in working with. It is not necessary to contact these faculty members directly.

If accepted into the Ph.D. program, you will have provisional status during the first year. The provisions are:

  • Obtain a high score on the two comprehensive exams, administered immediately before classes begin each fall. Details about these are given in Section D of the Graduate Student Guidebook. Most provisional Ph.D. students take the comprehensive exam in Statistical Theory before their first term at OSU and take the comprehensive exam in Statistical Methods the following year after taking ST 551-2-3, the first-year M.S. Methods course.
  • By the end of your first year, you will identify a faculty member who is willing to supervise your Ph.D. research.

Plan your visit

If you are not yet a student at OSU and are considering applying to OSU and plan to visit us to check things out, please use the Visit OSU resource to arrange a meeting with us. Make sure when you fill out their form, to check off the box indicating that you'd like to meet with statistics advising staff.