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Portrait image of cliff pereira.

Cliff Pereira

Faculty Research Associate
Department of Statistics

Cliff Pereira

Faculty Research Associate
Department of Statistics

Current Research Interests

  • Applications of statistics in biology.
  • Design and analysis of Experiments.
  • Mixed models, specifically models for complex multi-level designs and issues in extending linear mixed model results to generalized linear mixed models and other non-linear mixed models. Permutation tests for sparse data.
  • Statistical Consulting.

Instructional & Departmental Activities

  • Director, Consulting Practicum (ST509C) 1990 to Present
  • Advanced Experimental Design (ST555) 1990 to Present

Professional Societies/Responsibilities/Honors

  • Chair of organizing committee for Justus F. Seely Memorial Conference on Linear Models (2002-2003).
  • Secretary-Treasurer (1998-1999), Section on Statistical Consulting, American Statistical Association (ASA).
  • ASA Council of Chapters, Chapter Service Recognition Award, 1994.
  • Secretary-Treasurer (1986-87), Vice-President (1987-88), President (1988-1989), Council Representative (1989-1990), Oregon Chapter, ASA.
  • Member: American Statistical Association, Biometrics Society

Other Interests

Music (from folk through jazz to classical) and outdoor activities (from gardening through birding to backpacking).


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