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Assistant Professor
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(541) 737-1989
Weniger Hall, Room 267


  • Ph.D. Statistics, The University of Chicago, 2014
  • B.A. Mathematics, Tsinghua University, 2009

Research Interests

  • Statistical genetics and genomics
  • GWAS, sequencing studies, RNA-seq data, and metabolomics data
  • Mixed-effects models
  • Graphical models and network analysis
  • Dependent data analysis, quasi-likelihood models
  • Big biological data

Selected Publications

  • Zhuo, B., and Jiang, D. (2017), "MEACA: efficient gene-set interpretation of expression data using mixed models," bioRxiv 106781; doi: [link]
  • Jiang, D., Zhong, S., and McPeek, M. S. (2016), "Novel retrospective binary-trait association test identifies genetic association with Crohn's disease," The American Journal of Human Genetics 98:1-13. [link]
  • Zhong, S., Jiang, D., and McPeek, M. S. (2016), "CERAMIC: case-control association testing in samples with related individuals based on retrospective mixed model analysis with adjustment for covariates," PLOS Genetics 12: e1006329 [link]
  • Jiang, D., Mbatchou, J., and McPeek, M. S. (2016), "Retrospective association analysis of binary traits: Overcoming Some Limitations of the Additive Polygenic Model," Human Heredity 80: 187-95. [link]
  • Jiang, D., McPeek, M. S. (2014), "Robust rare variant association testing for quantitative traits in samples with related individuals," Genetic Epidemiology 38: 10-20. [link]

Instructional and Departmental Activities

  • ST 561 Theory of Statistics I
  • ST 421/521 Intro to Mathematical Statistis I
  • ST 413/513 Methods for Data Analysis III

Professional Societies

  • International Biometrics Society (IBS)
  • International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)