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Ge, Xinzhou

Xinzhou Shawn Ge

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics

Xinzhou Shawn Ge

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics


Research Interests

  • Enhancement of statistical rigor in biological data analysis
  • False discovery control in multiple testing
  • Statistical Genetics and Genomics
  • Risk model in clinical research
  • Statistical algorithm for epigenomics


Postdoctoral researcher, University of California, Los Angeles, 2021-2023

Ph.D. in Statistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2021

B.S. in Statistics, Peking University, 2016


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  • Li Y, Ge X, Peng F, Li W, Li JJ. (2022) Exaggerated false positives by popular differential expression methods when analyzing human population samples. Genome biology, 23(1), pp.1-13.
  • Ge X, Chen YE, Song D, McDermott M, Woyshner K, Manousopoulou A, Wang N, Li W, Wang LD, Li JJ. (2021) Clipper: p-value-free FDR control on high-throughput data from two conditions. Genome biology, 22(1), pp.1-29.
  • Lyu J, Li JJ, Su J, Peng F, Chen YE, Ge X, Li W. (2020) DORGE: Discovery of Oncogenes and tumoR suppressor genes using Genetic and Epigenetic features. Science advances, 6(46), p.eaba6784.
  • Ge X, Zhang H, Xie L, Li WV, Kwon SB, Li JJ. (2019) EpiAlign: an alignment-based bioinformatic tool for comparing chromatin state sequences. Nucleic acids research, 47 (13), e77-e77.
  • Li S, Dou X, Gao R, Ge X, Qian M, Wan L. (2018) A remark on copy number variation detection methods. PLoS One, 13(4), p.e0196226.