Senior Instructor Juliann Moore talking with students

Here is why you should:

  1. If you are considering graduate school, a minor is a great way to help you stand out among other applicants.
  2. Adding a statistics minor to your undergraduate degree shows future employers you are not afraid of hard work and you have a diverse academic background.
  3. A statistics minor offers the opportunity to build your skillset for a changing job market and help you communicate with professionals outside of your expertise.
  4. You may find Statistics is an exciting career choice and want to persue a Masters in Statistics or Data Analytics.

 Our minor exposes students to state of art statistical thinking and computational statistical methods along with giving a solid foundation in mathematical statistics.

Click here for an outline on the Undergraduate Minor in Statistics program.

If you are looking to add a statistics minor to your undergraduate degree or are even considering it, feel free to stop by and discuss the curriculum and requirements.

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