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(541) 737-3584
Weniger Hall, Room 259


  • DrPh Biostatistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1992
  • M.S. Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 1987

Research Interests

  • Samping methods
  • Survey methodology
  • Environmental statistics
  • Applied statistics
  • Ecological monitoring

Selected Publications [for more, see personal webpage]

  • Lesser, V. M., Newton, L. D., Yang, D., and Sifneos, J. (2016), "Mixed-mode surveys compared with single mode surveys: trends in responses and methods to improve completion,"  Journal of Rural Social Sciences, 31(3):7-34.
  • Harding, A. K., Stone, D., Cardenas, A., and Lesser, V. M. (2014), "Risk behaviors and self-reported illnesses among Pacific Northwest surfers," Journal of Water and Health, 13(1): 230-242.
  • McCormick, M., Baker, D., Biemer, P., Carlson, B., DiezRoux, A., Lesser, V. M.,  McLanahan, S., Saada, G., Stokes, S. L., Trasande, L., and Duncan, G. (2014), "The National Children's Study 2014: Commentary on a Recent National Research Council/Institute of Medicine Report," Academic Pediatrics, 14.6: 545-546.
  • Hildreth, L. A., Genschel, U., Lorenz, F. O., and Lesser, V. M. (2013), "A permutation test for correlated errors in adjacent questionnaire items," Structural Equation Modeling, 20:226-240.
  • Lin, H. M., Kim, H. Y., Williamson, J. M., and Lesser, V.M. (2012), "Estimating Agreement Coefficients from Sample Survey Data," Survey Methodology, 38(1): 63-72. 

Instructional and Departmental Activities

  • Director of the Survey Research Center
  • Teaching responsibilities include:
    • ST 431/531 Sampling Methods
    • ST 411/511 Methods of Data Analysis I
    • ST 412/512 Methods of Data Analysis II
    • ST 552 Statistical Methods I

Professional Societies

  • American Statistical Association (ASA), Fellow
  • International Statistical Institute (ISI), Elected Member
  • American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR)