In addition to the longer format intended for more in-depth questions (see here for more details), the Department of Statistics also provides consulting advice for current OSU students in a short format.  You may schedule short-format appointments with our PhD Consulting Practicum GTAs during Weeks 2 through 10 of fall, winter and spring quarters.   During finals week, quarter breaks and the first week of the term, the Calendar is unavailable and will (incorrectly) indicate that no appointments are available.  Please make short-format appointments during weeks 2 through 10.  This service is provided in conjunction with the Graduate Student Commons and you will meet with the consultants in the Graduate Student Commons on the 6th floor of the Valley Library.  Dates and times for short format consulting are noted on the webpage for the Graduate Student Commons.   Consulting services are not available during the summer.

For a general overview of consulting services provided by the Department of Statistics, please refer to the Index.

About the Service

The objective of the short format statistical consulting service is to provide free statistical advice on University-related research projects. Any currently enrolled graduate student at the university may request assistance. The assistance given is primarily advice. Consultants will not do data entry or statistical analyses for youThis service is not to be used for homework problems or class projects

The consultants can advise on many aspects of statistical design and analysis, including but not limited to, designing a study, database management, data exploration, formulating a statistical model, determining the type of analysis that should be done, advising on appropriate statistical software, and interpretation of analyses. 

The short format appointments are intended to handle projects with quicker questions or cases where an immediate response is needed. Longer term projects or more in-depth questions are better suited for the Long Format. Our goal is to provide an answer to your question within the 45 minute meeting, but if this is not possible follow-ups may be required.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are available during weeks 2-10 of fall, winter and spring terms.  The online booking system is available for scheduling appointments during the latter part of the first week of fall, winter and spring terms.  Appointments cannot be scheduled a term in advance or during summer term or during term breaks.  To schedule an appointment, you must do two things:

1. Use the online-booking form  to pick an available time. (Please note that you may be asked to log in with your ONID credentials to access the form. You may contact Lisa Ganio (lisa.ganio <at> if you have difficulty using the calendar. Appointment slots are for 45 minutes.

2. Fill out the Intake Form on Qualtrics, which will provide us with some background information about your project so that we can better help you.

Your appointment is not considered confirmed until BOTH the scheduling and intake form have been completed.

How to Prepare for your Appointment

Every project is different, but here are some general tips to prepare for your appointment:

  • Be ready to briefly summarize the research goals of your project. The GTAs will ask about the background of your project, which is essential to understand to provide statistical advice.
  • If you have data, be ready to explain how the data were collected.
  • If there are pictures/plots/graphs that may be helpful to explain your research or statistical questions, have them ready on your computer and be able to share your screen. You could also link the files in Zoom chat if you are comfortable sharing them in that manner.
  • If you are requesting help interpreting computer output or understanding a code bug, be ready to show the relevant material.


Other Things to Know

  • Please do not invite your faculty advisor to the meeting. We have found meetings are most successful when they are between graduate students.
  • If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. The consulting service often fills up, and your time slot can then be used by another student if you are unable to make it.
  • Students who repeatedly schedule appointments and then don't show without canceling may be given lower priority for future requests.