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Established in 1973, the Oregon State University Survey Research Center (OSU-SRC) provides comprehensive survey services, from proposal development, questionnaire design and layout, survey administration and data collection, to analysis and professional report writing.  Our staff offers customized options, working with our clients to determine the best approach based on the study objectives, population of interest, and budgetary concerns. 


Our staff has over 25 years of experience in survey methodology.  The SRC staff regularly participates in survey conferences in order to stay current on the most effective survey methodologies. Since the SRC is part of the OSU Statistics Department, we have the ability to offer our clients statistical expertise in the most efficient sampling designs, analyses, and interpretation of survey results. The Director of the SRC is a Professor in the Statistics Department. The SRC routinely conducts self-administered survey experiments using both mail and the internet with an aim to contribute our research findings to improve survey methodology. The SRC offers expertise in research-based survey design and offers an online survey methods course {ST 439/539}.  


Our past and current clients include federal, state, and local agencies, national non-profit organizations, and OSU-affiliated entities.  The SRC maintains several contracts with clients to provide our services on a recurrent basis, from monthly, annually, to every few years.  Additional information regarding sample projects can be found here.


After initial consultation in regard to the survey objectives and population characteristics, we

  • Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using various data collection modes
  • Select the sample based on the characteristics of the population
  • Prepare recruitment materials for the sample frame
  • Design, develop and format the survey instrument
  • Administer the survey
  • Provide data entry (if applicable)
  • Apply coding techniques
  • Verify survey response data
  • Analyze data based on study objectives

A final report is prepared summarizing the project.  In addition to the beforementioned details, study methodology, a standardized survey research method response rate, and frequency results and interpretation are provided.


The SRC examines various approaches to collect survey data based on current industry research, specific project objectives, and budgetary constraints.  Data are collected by either mail, web, or a combination of these two data collection modes. Based on the characteristics of the population, a data collection mode is recommended to maximize response rates, reduce non-response bias, and decrease costs. Preferences with regard to the focus of analyses and final report options are also accommodated.


SRC also offers consulting for OSU community members in research-based survey design. 

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