FALL 2015

Oct 5, 2015: Eric Fox, EPA, Corvallis, "Nonparametric Methods for Estimating Space-time Hawkes Point Process Models for Earthquake Occurrences"

Oct 12, 2015: Sara Emerson, Oregon State University, "Biomarker/Diagnostic Test Performance Bounds from Comparison to Imperfect Reference Test"

**Oct 15, 2015: (Special Day) Vanda de Carvalho, Pontifical Catholic University  of Chile."Semiparametric Bayesian inference for the Youden index and its corresponding optimal cutoff value." Kidder Hall Rm# 278

Oct 19, 2015: Adam Sykulski, University College, London, "Nonstationary Time Series Modeling and Estimation with Applications in Oceanography"

Oct 26, 2015: Rui Feng, University of Pennsylvania, "Causal Inference Using Categorical Instrumental Variables"

Nov 02, 2015: Thuan Nguyen, Oregon Health and Science University, "Classified Mixed Model Prediction"

Nov 09, 2015: Adrian Raftery, University of Washington, "Probabilistic Population Projections with Migration Uncertainty"

Nov 16, 2015: Don Percival, University of Washington, "Fitting Statistical Models to DART Buoy Data for Operational Tsunami Forecasting"

Nov 23, 2015: (Horizon Room, Memorial Union Hall) Peter Bickel, University of California, Berkeley, "Statistics,the transfer science, Big Data, and an experience with ENCODE"

**Nov 24, 2015: (Special Day) Peter Bickel, University of California, Berkeley, "Erdos-Renyi nodes in block models and determining how many blocks are needed for adequate description"