FALL 2014

September 29, 2014: Statistics Department Orientation (required for all Statistics students and faculty) (Room 102 Bexell Hall)

October 6, 2014: Research summaries from Statistics Department Faculty (Room 102 Bexell Hall)

**October 15, 2014: Wednesday (Special date) ASA Oregon Chapter Meeting **5:30 pm - 8:30 pm (Room 305 Kearney Hall) "Bayesian Model Selection for Multiple Genetic Models: Application to GWAS Data" Must RSVP to fuentesc@stat.oregonstate.edu if you are planning to attend.

October 20, 2014: Jennifer Huckett, Associate, Cadmus Consulting, Energy Services Division (Room 102 Bexell Hall), "Strategies for Addressing Sampling and Analysis Challenges in Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation"

**October 31, 2014: Friday (Special date) John Sall, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS **2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Room 4001 Ag Life Sciences Bldg) "From Big Data to Big Statistics"

November 3, 2014: Dan Cooley, Colorado State University (Room 102 Bexell Hall) "Data mining for Extreme Behavior and Application to Ground Level Ozone"

**November 4, 2014: Tuesday (Special date) David A. Dickey, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Statistics, North Carolina State University **12:00 noon - 1:00 pm (Room 103 Bexell Hall) "Overview of Data Mining"

November 10, 2014: Kristen Gore, Statistician, Hewlett-Packard Company (Room 102 Bexell Hall), "Unbiased Penetrance Estimates with Unknown Ascertainment Strategies"

November 17, 2014:  Addison James, Oregon State University (Room 102 Bexell Hall), "Nonparametric Information Criterion for Model-Assisted Survey Estimators"

November 24, 2014: Yanming Di, Professor, Oregon State University (Room 102 Bexell Hall), "Statistical Issues in Differential Expression Analysis of RNA-Sequencing Data"