Photos of six new student leaders

OSSSO is the department of Statistics student organization, whose purpose is to foster interaction between students, faculty, professionals, and the community. The object of the organization is to provide an opportunity for better communication and liaison between students, faculty, the department, and private and public organizations, as well as to provide opportunities to discuss statistics. The new leaders are:

Jessica Robinson - President
Ericka Smith - Vice President
Kate Pulham - Treasurer
Leah Marcus - Library Committee Representative
Emma Grossman - Curriculum Committee Representative
Emily Palmer - Graduate Committee Representative

This year, OSSSO will be making it a goal to assist in keeping the students and faculty of the department connected and supported through the COVID-19 pandemic. As we will be regularly meeting via Zoom with our pets nearby, we thought it only appropriate to provide a photo which displays this accurately!
We would like to extend thanks to the previous OSSSO cohort: Ying Dai, Connor Edwards, Nick Sun, Emerson Webb, and Kaelyn Rosenburg for their great work during the 2019-2020 year.