Picture of Sarah Emerson and OSSSO board

Each year the Oregon State Statistics Student Organization (OSSSO) presents the "OSSSO award" to a faculty member for their significant contribution to the educational experience of Statistic students. This year’s award recipient is Associate Professor, Sarah Emerson.

The students noted Sarah’s exceptional teaching of ST 551, Statistical Methods I and ST 563, Theory of Statistics III. Emerson Webb, OSSSO Board member stated, “We all really appreciate how Sarah invested her time towards helping us succeed in our coursework during the year".  “Sarah also provides us her neat lecture notes which makes it super easy to understand. Her exams definitely improve my understanding of the course and my weakness,” added Ying Dai, President of OSSSO.

The students especially valued Sarah’s dedication to their success for the fall comprehensive exams. Sarah held weekly office hours in the late summer and prior to the start of fall term. As mentioned by the students, these office hours were extremely helpful and contributed to the understanding and synthesizing of the material.

Thank you, Sarah Emerson for your significant contribution.