Picture of the 5 statistics students: Govt for 2019-2020

The Oregon State Statistics Student Organization (OSSSO) is proud to announce their new leadership for 2019-2020.

  • President: Ying Dai
  • Vice President: Connor Edwards
  • Treasurer and curriculum committee representative: Nick Sunn
  • Library committee representative: Emerson Webb
  • Graduate committee representative: Kaelyn Rosenberg


OSSSO is the department of Statistics student orgnaization, whose purpose is to foster interaction between students, faculty, professionals, and the community. The object of the organization is to provide an opportunity for better communication and liaison between students, faculty, the department, and private and public organizations, as well as to provide opportunities to discuss statistics. Every year, the OSSSO organizes a Spring picnic and a Thanksgiving potluck, bringing the department (Students and Faculty) together to socialize, and enjoy a meal together.

The Statistics department would like to thank last year's OSSSO Board members for their hard work: Matt Klapman-President,  Peter Boyd-Vice, Treasurer- Jaidev KuttyGilia Patterson-Grad committee rep and Carly Hammond-New student liaison.