The department of Statistics is proud to introduce our newest member, James Molyneux.

James joins us from UCLA where he recently completed his dissertation, “New computational methods for estimating self-exciting point process parameters and assessing the predictive accuracy of earth quake covariates”.  The fields that motivated his research include spatio-temporal point processes and statistics education. This year, James will be teaching in our Data Analytics program; Foundations of Data Analytics in the fall, and Methods of Data Analysis in the spring. (The statistical chart provided by James Molyneux.)

When asked where his passion for statistics comes from he remarked, “The thing that made me really fall in love with statistics is the lens that it gives us to view the world around us. The world we live in is incredibly complex yet statistics give us tools to take these complexities and distill them down into something that we, as human-beings, can understand. There really is no greater feeling than discovering something that at one point was hidden from sight. I also love how statistics combines abstract mathematical ideas with practical tools we can use to make discoveries and the means to then share our discoveries with others.”

 Welcome James Molyneux!