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As a registered user one can access online documentation by following this link for SAS 9.1.3 or here for other versions.

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SAS Publishing

SAS Publishing provides resources for learning SAS. Here you'll find information about books, e-learning, online documentation and e-books that support SAS.

New Edition: Book on Mixed Models using SAS

SAS for Mixed Models, Second Edition by Ramon Littell, George Milliken, Walter Stroup, Russell Wolfinger, and Oliver Schabenberger. A completely revised edition of the comprehensive, applications-oriented mixed models guide for data analysis. Discover the latest capabilities available for a wide range of applications featuring the MIXED, GLIMMIX, and NLMIXED procedures in SAS/STAT software.

Good book on Statistical Modeling for the Biological Sciences using SAS

Contemporary Statistical Models for the Plant and Soil Sciences by Oliver Schabenberger and Francis J. Pierce:. This book comes with a CD-ROM that provides SAS code, data sets, SAS macros, SAS tutorials, additional mathematical details and special topics.

Good book on SAS for Linear Models (Proc MIXED, Proc GLM, Proc GENMOD)

SAS for Linear Models, Fourth Edition, by Ramon C. Littell, Ph.D., Walter W. Stroup, Ph.D., and Rudolf J. Freund, Ph.D The link above allows you to view the table of contents, SAS code and chapter one.

Books on Learning to use SAS

The Little SAS Book: A Primer, 5th edition, by Lora. D. Delwiche & Susan J. Slaughter. The link allows you to view the table of contents, SAS code, and chapter one

Quick Results with SAS/GRAPH Software by Art Carpenter. The link allows you to view the table of contents, SAS code and chapter one.

SAS Books by users

SAS Publishing: List of Books by SAS Users
To find a book for a particular SAS product, click the product of interest (e.g. Base SAS, SAS/STAT), then select a title to read a description of the book.

Sample Code

When you install SAS, some sample code is installed with SAS. To access this sample code in the editor window, click the "Help" menu, then "SAS System Help", then "Sample SAS Programs and Applications". The following links are sources of other SAS sample code.

Sample SAS code from books and publications.

Sample SAS code from SAS Technical support - with search capability