Oliver Schabenberger's Web Site

This is the personal site of Oliver Schabenberger. In addition to other information, it contains a comprehensive section on using SAS software.

Schabenberger's SAS graphics (This is a link to the graphics section within Dr. Schabenberger’s site.

Michael Friendly's Website

This is the personal site of Michael Friendly at York University. It contains information on graphics.

 OSU SAS Seminar (Winter 2000)

This site gives on overview of SAS programming and includes tutorials on the Data Step, Proc Step, Combining and Merging Data Sets, Graphics and the SAS Macro Facility.

OSU SAS Seminar (Summer 2002)

This page has Adobe Acrobat files with instruction on the usage of SAS, as was presented in the Summer 2002 SAS Seminar