Scholarships and Fellowships 

  1. The Jack and Peggy Borsting Fellowship provides an award to a full-time graduate student in the Statistics Department, with preference given to students from, Southern California.  Jack Borsting served as academic dean at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, as well as Assistant Secretary of Defense for the United States Department of Defense, and was honored as an OSUAA Alumni Fellow in 2013.
  2. Dan & Jean Brunk Fellowship provides an award to a graduate in the Statistics Department.  It was established to recognize and honor the life and work of Jean Y. Brunk, and her husband of more than 50 years.  Many students, faculty, and others benefited from her generous and inspired teaching and her zest for life.
  3. Ruth Krueger Statistics Fellowship provides an award to a graduate student in the Statistics Department. It was established in honor of Ruth Krueger. She was a junior quality control engineer in St. Louis and the first woman member of the St. Louis Engineering Society.
  4. W. Scott & Joanne Overton Statistics Fellowship provides an award to a graduate student in the Department of Statistics working in environmental statistics. Scott Overton was a leader in ecosystem theory and modeling through the application of hierarchy theory, and an early innovator in the application of probability sampling methods to environmental monitoring.  Joanne (Jo)  and Scott provided an enduring contribution to OSU and a lasting impact on the students in Scott's research group whose lives the Overtons touched.
  5. Justus F. Seely Statistics Memorial Fellowship provides an award to a graduate student in the Department of Statistics.  It was established to commemorate the life of Justus F. Seely, who joined the department in 1969.  He later served as director of graduate studies and chair of the department, as well as associate dean for financial affairs in the College of Science. He received multiple awards for excellence in teaching at OSU.


The scholarship and fellowship awardees are selected by the Statistics Department from all current full-time graduate students and applicants. Selections are based on evidence of achievement and potential for academic success. Graduate applicants need not apply for these to be considered, but those from southern California should alert the application committee to their suitability for the first two.


Graduate Assistantships

Most of our funded students are on teaching assistantships. A few students may be selected for research assistantships based on research project need. It's unusual for new students to be awarded a research assistantship.

There is no official application process to apply for assistantships. Simply check the "yes" boxes under "Other Graduate Questions" on the online application form.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)

In 2018-2019, typical Statistics Department assistantships for incoming MS and PhD students included a tuition waiver and a stipend of approximately $2,000/month (for 18 hours of work per week) for the nine-month academic year.

The Graduate Committee of the Department of Statistics makes decisions on assistantships starting in early February each year in the course of evaluating graduate applications. Our decisions about financial assistantships are based on our assessment of the applicant’s prospects for graduate studies and for fulfilling the duties associated with the assistantship. Teaching assistantships involve grading, conducting office hours, and possibly leading a computer lab session or recitation session. Summer teaching assistantships are available for students supported in the academic year on a limited basis.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

The Department often has research assistantships available from faculty research grants and contracts. These are typically awarded to PhD students, but they have also been awarded to exceptional MS students.

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