Dr. Virginia Lesser

Professor of Statistics and Director of the SRC


Ginny received her doctorate in Biostatistics in 1992 and became the Director of the Survey Research Center in 1993. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and is responsible for teaching sampling and other statistical methods courses. Her research was in survey sampling focusing on the determination of cost-efficient survey designs. She is responsible for determination of sample size to meet the precision desired in the study objectives. She also recommends the statistical analyses to meet the survey objectives. She supervises all funded projects and is responsible for the preparation of the final study report. Her current research interests are in nonsampling errors, primarily in researching methods to reduce and adjust for nonresponse errors.

Lydia Newton

Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Questionnaire Design and Data Management


Lydia began working for the Survey Research Center in April of 1999 after completing an Integrated Master's degree in Economics, Geography and Rangeland Resources. Lydia is responsible for the design, implementation and data collection of all SRC funded projects. She will be happy to meet with faculty, staff or students and give advice on questionnaire construction, survey implementation and data input. Lydia also teaches ST 439/539 (Survey Methods) during summer sessions.

  Kerri Nawrocki

Faculty Research Assistant
Questionnaire Design and Data Management


Kerri Nawrocki received her Master of Science degree in Geology from University of South Florida in December 2001 with a focus on coastal wetlands and climate change.  Since then, she has worked in higher education as a Research Analyst and Director of Institutional Research, providing analyses and authoring reports for the Colorado State Legislature, Colorado Community College System Board and President.  She joined Oregon State University Survey Research Center in January 2015 and brings survey implementation, data analysis and technical writing skills to the position.


Jeannie Sifneos

Faculty Research Assistant

Jeannie does survey data analysis for the SRC. Her background is in data analysis and environmental statistics and she has been working at Oregon State University since 1992.  Her interests are in community data analysis, classification and regression trees, data analysis and programming in R and survey design and analysis in SAS.

Addison James

Graduate Research Assistant

Addison does survey data analysis and is working on his Ph.D in statistics.  He has a Master's degree in statistics from Colorado State University.