OSU Survey Research Center

  Weniger Hall, Room 207
  Corvallis, OR 97331
  Phone: (541) 737-3584
  Fax: (541) 737-3489
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The staff at the Survey Research Center provide the best service possible to our clients. We offer consulting and project management for all aspects of survey research.

The Survey Research Center (SRC), located in the Statistics Department at Oregon State University, was established in 1973 to provide comprehensive professional services of the highest standards for designing, administering, and analyzing all aspects of research surveys. Surveys have been conducted for federal, state, and local agencies in the Pacific Northwest, for public interest groups, and many University departments. The Center also undertakes research to improve survey methodology.

The SRC provides estimation of attitudes and opinions and enumeration of characteristics of human populations. It also offers consulting to provide characteristics of non-human populations. Using sophisticated software with highly trained and experienced staff, the SRC provides high-quality data collection procedures and data analyses accommodating the most complex sample designs.

Typically, the SRC works in close collaboration with the client to develop and implement a survey that fully meets the client's objectives, taking into account the required precision and available budget.

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